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What We do

Business Analysis

Research and problem understanding is the basis of right solution development.

Modern Design

Simple, intuitive, beautiful and stylish. That's how your product will look.

Qualitative Development

We put big effort into code standarts and project documentation. As a result our code works like a swiss watch.

Comprehensive Support

We guarantee your digital masterpiece won't let you down while taking off before open sky flight.


Spender - Personal Finance Manager

Spender is a modern mobile app which allows you to take your personal finances under control. With a rich set of features, both Android and iOS apps, extended web dashboard, Spender is a unique and yet elegant solution for those, who would like to be on track with their money. This is the project our team runs as a start up.
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Door 2 Door Ninja

The #1 sales team management, planning and tracking tool for direct sales activities! Converting direct sales opportunities and cold leads into hot leads and sales has never been easier! With Door2Door Ninja, you can rest assured that you will become a Ninja salesperson as you sell and track your activities efficiently!
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The Burst mobile video platform is an easy and powerful way to create and solicit controlled and User-Generated content and instantly share it to any screen, website, social media, groups, or individuals. The Burst App provides you with the tools and features to enable easy capture, simple editing, and group video sharing in a “Bubble” where multiple contributors can all add media into one common album.
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Chili Piper

Chili Piper is the perfect solution for your handoffs Sales Development to Sales and Sales to Customer Success. Immediately after booking a meeting with a prospect or a new account, the meeting is automatically assigned on a round robin basis to the next resource, checking in google or outlook for availability.
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Treatment Simulator

Treatment simulator is a unique iPad app which was created for medical universities, hospitals and other institutions. It's main purpose is to help students and future physicians to understand the basic of treatment process and test their skills in an interactive way with iPad app UI.
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Who We are

Team & Goals

Each of our team member is leaded by continuous willing of improvement and technological progress. Our main goal is to create trully top class quality products.

We love what we do. Each of us is a skilfull specialist which covers specific responsibility zone in a team work. By this we form a unique IT human mechanism, which is properly managed by our leads.


  • Stable Communication
    We are available when you need us
  • Experience & Expertise
    Detailed business analysis is a basis of any solution
  • Long term
    Our aim is long term trustworthy business relationships