Machine Learning Successful Solutions
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Problems We Solve

Chatbots Functionality Extension

Greetings, user-friendly chat, appointment management, etc. But what if chatbots could do even more? They can and we know how to empower them for this.

Big Data Processing

Solutions for big data processing are in a stage of rapid flourishing nowadays and require comprehensive attention.

Face Recognition Ethics

The more smart AI is the lesser face recognition issues appear. Though for the moment it is a challenge from ethics perspective.

New Environment Adaptation

Like a natural intelligence and artificial smart system requires additional support to adapt for the new environment.

Virtual Assistance Implementation

Virtual assistance is an old thing. But with an enhancement of AI it becomes a solid additiona to any customer oriented business.

Discrepancies Detection Issues

Discrepancy is usefull to know about only after it is detected and analysed. Before that it is just a bug.



Gymex is a beautiful fitness tracker with a unique training management system which allows to cover any purpose which may appear during training process.
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Clocky Alarm

Have you ever noticed the days when you feel alive and fresh after you slept a few hours at night? And sometimes you might feel tired and exhausted even after 10 hours sleeping night?! There is a scientific explanation for these situations: our sleep consists of cycles and if we break them, we influence badly on the organism restoring process. Clocky Alarm is a unique alarm clock, which helps you to feel good no matter if you can sleep as long as you want or you canít.
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Chili Piper

Chili Piper is the perfect solution for your handoffs Sales Development to Sales and Sales to Customer Success. Immediately after booking a meeting with a prospect or a new account, the meeting is automatically assigned on a round robin basis to the next resource, checking in google or outlook for availability
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