Practical Solutions for Healthcare and Medicine
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Problems We Solve

HIPAA compliance and data protection

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act puts specific requirements on any medical system and we know how to fulfill them.

Medical Data Processing

In the world of medicine and healthcare one of the most important points is medical data processing. This requires the highest level of reliability.

Notifications System Reliability

When it comes to alerts and notifications for healthcare specialists, reliability is a key point of any system. We have developed our own methodology which empowers the safety confirmation and additional tracking for alerts to be delivered.

Patient-Doctor Communication

This is a neverending question and a place of limitless perfection and optimization for any healthcare institution.

Treatment Process Simplification

Treatment is what the doctor does regularly. With proper software solutions this could even become easier, faster, more comfortable.

Patient Info Management Issues

Retrieve the necessary data quickly, sort or filter patients lists on demand, etc. - all of these could be done qualitatively.


Treatment Simulator

Treatment simulator is a unique iPad app which was created for medical universities, hospitals and other institutions. It's main purpose is to help students and future physicians to understand the basic of treatment process and test their skills in an interactive way with iPad app UI.
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Gymex is a beautiful fitness tracker with a unique training management system which allows to cover any purpose which may appear during training process.
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