Efficient Fintech Digital Solutions
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Problems we solve

Complex Finance Tracking

Each financial analysis needs complete scope. Complex systems require complex solutions for this.

Investment and Capitalization

World financial system opens big amount of opportunities for investment and capitalization solutions in IT sphere.

Corporate Finances Analytics

Enterprise Financial Systems is much more complex than personal finance solutions. We have big experience in corporate finances mastering.

Expenses Optimization

Modern finance IT tracking and analytical systems allow to enhance theirselves with artificial intelligence. Its purpose is to show which pieces of budget could be improved.

Digital Data Protection

Any financial system is useless unless it's data is properly protected. This is one of the fundamental challenges for any financial project.

Extensive Reports Generating

From reporting and analytics perspective the key points are: financial data accuracy, reports usability.


Spender - Personal Finance Manager

Spender is a modern mobile app which allows you to take you personal finances under control. With a rich set of features, both Android and iOS apps, extended web dashboard, Spender is a unique and yet elegant solution for those, who would like to be on track with their money. This is the project our team runs as a start up. This is our soul from both design and development perspectives.
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Spender Enterprise

Spender Enterprise is a simple but rich in functionality service which allows you to keep your business financial data under control.
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